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Sunday, November 21, 2010


yaw waddupz~im new here so sila tunjuk AJAR..

haha..anyway..let me introduce myself first..hye my name is muhammad mikail adrianshah bin nazreen..im 16 dis year..

i have 3 common interest..1st:i luv to dance..whenever i heard a BEAT..my body will move n shake itself..hahaha
2nd: i luv to do magic..everytime i do magic to my family n frens..they will laugh n smile..i luv to make people smile..hehe,but im just a beginner in magic u know..hahaha..as u can see,dis is two pictures of my magic deck,its called the GHOST CARD..i bought it from magic club at 1Borneo..(maw jgk ctaw ni..hahaha)

well i thnk dats all for NOW..see ya later~sory if dis post makes u BORING..haha..love my familiy n frens..n luv my fiance..gudbye~assalamualaikum..

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